lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2011

5 Rules for a Creative Culture

Son 5 reglas bastante interesantes en cuanto a la organización, por Ben Chestnut, Fundador de  Mailchimp. Parece mas orientado a la parte de Gerencia o Recursos Humanos, y como llevar adelante un estudio de diseño, mas que para el diseñador en si pero esto no le quita lo interesante. 

1. Avoid rules. Avoid order. Don’t just embrace chaos, but create a little bit of it. Constant change, from the top-down, keeps people nimble and flexible (and shows that you want constant change).

2. Give yourself and your team permission to be creative. Permission to try something new, permission to fail, permission to embarrass yourself, permission to have crazy ideas.
3. Hire weird people. Not just the tattoo’d and pierced-in-strange-places kind, but people from outside your industry who would approach problems in different ways than you and your normal competitors.
4. Meetings are a necessary evil, but you can avoid the conference room and meet people in the halls, the water cooler, or their desks. Make meetings less about delegation and task management and more about cross-pollination of ideas (especially the weird ideas). This is a lot harder than centralized, top-down meetings. But this is your job — deal with it.
5. Structure your company to be flexible. Creativity is often spontaneous, so the whole company needs to be able to pivot quickly and execute on them (see #1)

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